Philip de Rooij was born in January of 1976 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. He spent his youth in Zutphen, an old city near the river IJssel. By spending much time at that river, he developed his sense for nature, organic forms and space.

After two degrees in trade training and a technical math degree, he moved to Amsterdam. There he studied Structural Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, his goal was to become an architect. After he had been working as a broker in real estate, he started working in the internet business. Here Philip was the creative brain behind all of the photographs and picture material. After the company he worked for went bankrupt, he was at a crucial phase in his life. His overpowering feelings to create, were feelings he could not hold back any longer.

Since he was young, Philip loved to draw. His drawings still form the basis for his paintings. He mainly paints in oil on canvas, but he applies other techniques also.

His paintings arise by emotional thoughts and by visualizing his ideas. Freedom is one of the main topics in his paintings. With his visually orientated mind, in combination with his fantasy, he expresses this feeling of freedom in many ways. Also the heavier emotions of life are a source of inspiration. The mainly surrealistic and abstract paintings are combined with detailed fragments. For Philip, everything falls into place.