Jack Nicholson Letting Go Dazzled by knowledge Code Blue Code Red Emptyness Inside Victim of the world in my head Color Behind Eyez4 Color Behind Eyez3 Color Behind Eyez2 Color Behind Eyez1 Beauty in Disguise4 Beauty in Disguise3 Beauty in Disguise2 Beauty in Disguise1 Beacons in Time2 Beacons in Time QAP4 QAP3 QAP2 QAP1 Shadow Side Meisje met de Stier Confusion Time will Tell Now Cur2 Cur1 Windows and Mirrors4 Windows and Mirrors3 Windows and Mirrors2 Windows and Mirrors1 The Orphic Egg Eureka Secretum Secreto Occulta Restless2 Restless1

Windows and Mirrors4


39.5" x 61"
Oil-, and acrylic on canvas

Original is "available"